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October 20, 2009

Every horse needs a barn name- short, affectionate. “Sound Barrier” is a great name (esp for Jockey Club) but just didn’t do the trick. So after much deliberation, we’ve decided on “Yeager”. As in, Chuck Yeager- the first American to break the “Sound Barrier”.

The past three days Yeager has been getting short turn out periods in the arena. Despite some snorting and prancing, he’s been relatively settled. Today he had a vet work up (passed with flying colors) and a farrier visit. The farrier pulled off his aluminum racing shoes to check out the condition of his feet. We were very impressed with what we found. His toes were a little long and heels a little low and the foot flat for my liking, but that’s typical for a racing TB. His hoof wall was in great shape and strong enough to support him being barefoot while not in work, at least. Hopefully, we’ll be able to maintain him barefoot to get a little more concavity in the foot before he goes into work in the spring. His manners were great for both farrier and vet.

Yeager is proving to be quite the diamond in the rough.

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