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About Equine Massage

Equine Sports Massage Therapy (ESM)
This therapeutic, non-invasive application of professional sports massage techniques was developed and is used by human athletes.  This is a very important part of prevention therapy in horses and speeds recovery from certain injuries.  It reduces stress and nervousness in a tired horse and promotes strength and flexibility.  Properly applied, this therapy ultimately increases the performance of the horse which, in turn, brings winning results.
Kristen brings a wealth of experience working with high level sporthorses to her equine massage practice. Understanding the special demands put on these athletes helps her to provide the most beneficial possible experience. Massage can enhance training by reducing soreness and settling the horse mentally. Kristen will be available to travel to Northwest competitions to help ensure that your equine athlete is ready to shine!

Reduced stress and promotes relaxation
Helps prevent injury and disease before it occurs
Cost effective
Muscular System
  • Helps raise the performance level of the athlete by increasing toxin removal from muscles and decreasing muscle soreness.
Vascular System
  • Increases metabolism and work capacity by increasing blood flow and lymph circulation which increases cellular nutrition
  • Activates reflex vasodilation which decreases edema
  • Increases diameter and permeability of capillaries which increases toxin removal from muscles and decrease muscle soreness.
Skeletal System
  • Aids fracture healing by increasing retention of nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorous.
Equine Bodywork is designed to promote wellness and to assist with musculoskeletal problems and integrated equine body wellness, but is not a substitute for necessary, timely veterinary care.

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