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Throughout the year, Integrative BodyWork provides onsite human and equine sports massage at selected events. Appointments can be made up to 24 hours in advance based on availability. Equine Sports Massage and Rider Chair Massage are  always available, Rider Sports Massage requires appointments made 48 hours in advance. We look forward to seeing you this year!
IBW will be available for appointments at all Brownland Horse Shows.
Kentucky Horse Park events can be arranged for five or more appointments.
Appointments available at the following 2009-2010 events:
**IBW is currently accepting appointments at the following competitions. This list is not exclusive and is not a guarantee. If you would like event services, please make your appointment as early as possible**
Harvest Time                             Germantown, TN
River Glen Horse Trials               Newmarket, TN
Lakeside Arena                           Frankfort, KY

RMI Tristate                                Cleveland, TN
Springtime Encore                        Germantown, TN
RMI Tristate III                            Cleveland, TN
Brownland Farm I & II                   Franklin, TN
Meadow Lake Spring Classic         Bryantsville, KY
Kentucky Cup CDI 3*                    Lexington, KY
Kentucky Spring Premier              Lexington, KY
Memphis in May                           Germantown, TN
Memphis Blues Classic                 Germantown, TN
Kentucky Spring Classic                Lexington, KY
Nashville Country                        Franklin, TN
KDA Breeders Classic                   Lexington, KY
Tennessean Dressage                  Murfeesboro, TN
Nashville Classic                           Franklin, TN
Country Heir I & II                        Lexington, KY
Germantown Charity                 Germantown, TN

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